“Autumn-ize” White

It’s that time of the year again. The time when the age old “no white after Labor Day and definitely not after the first day of autumn” fashion rule rears its ugly head! Whilst there is no concrete data on how this became a rule, there can still be damning ramifications for those who break code.

Caution: History Alert Ahead! As I was taught, white was worn during “season” – the summer of debuts and cotillions. In order to help distinguish the aristocracy and upper class from the nouveau riche and the middle class, the little secret was hatched. At a glance, social position could be instantly determined. No respectable lady, or gentleman for that matter, would wear white at summer’s end. (They later began teaching the newly rich proper dress codes such as which wool was for walking and which was for shooting matches, black tie vs. white tie, and they gave up the little white secret as well. Then, it became another piece of folklore.) Remember, practicality factored in too, of course. Those were the days of muddy roads, dirty snow-blanketed sidewalks, and most of the elite no longer had servants to unroll a carpet for them to step onto (roll out the red carpet – more on that at a later time).

So, now it’s 2014 and most fashion designers and icons alike are certain they have debunked the code, yet everyone is still talking about it!! I’m certainly not suggesting that anyone follow or break the “no white” rule. However, I also don’t believe in the “anything goes anytime, anywhere” fashions of late. There is a place and time for everything! There is a fine line with late year whites and I believe it can be achieved gracefully not by relinquishing your white pieces to the back of your closet, but rather by intermingling them with autumn colors! Here’s a suggestion: how about we wear our whites, just “Autumn-ize” them. That’s right – add the autumnal colors with white and create a new look. Here’s an example that works (note the dark knee high boots) even if you’re not to the manor born! Autumn-ize White

And a more casual variation for those autumn cooled evenings on the veranda:

Autumn-ize Whites

Here’s another proving that the crisp white shirt will never be restricted by season.

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As for white shoes, bags, and jeans – I still follow the rule. Wait, sneakers don’t count do they?

Posh Party Preview

091514_pp preview_vacatI am absolutely delighted to be featured in this week’s Posh Party Preview for Thursday night’s Back to Basics Poshmark party. Thank you, Poshmark for this wonderful opportunity for me to share my selections with the community. Please take some time to join us this Thursday, September 18th, 2014 10pm – midnight Eastern (7pm – 9pm Pacific).

Scroll down and select “View Original” (Poshmark Blog) to see a preview of my picks.

Happy Monday! The weekly Posh Party line-up has been announced and we can’t wait to get shopping with you all! Be sure to join us on Tuesday when Julianne of The Wink Blog and Holly of Vintage Chic and Unique will be sharing her favorite Posh Finds for a night of curated and stylish shopping.

Daily Dose of Fashion Party, Tuesday, September 16

091514_pp preview_juliannecronin

Julianne | @juliannecronin

What can we expect to see shared to the Host Picks Showroom?

As we transition into the end of summer and cooler weather, I’m all about incorporating fall pieces into your summer wardrobe. Think wool blazers with sleeveless dresses, ankle booties with skirts, and cozy sweaters with maxi dresses. I will be sharing pieces such as silk blouses, below-the-ankle booties, scarves, pencil skirts, and thick sweaters.

What are your favorite Daily Dose of Fashion pieces or trends?

I’m really loving mules for fall! They’re…

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