Welcome to my blog

Hello! I’m Holly. I’m a Dallas city girl transplanted to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Virginia, suburb of DC. My headline says it best. I am most certainly a felinista – I love cats and am Mom to 2 black cats and a cute little spotted cat — all rescues (two of the three, I personally rescued). Over the years, I have been involved with several rescue organizations and still volunteer from time to time. As for being a foodie, I am a gourmet cook and I love to find new restaurants and eateries, no matter where I go. Finally, I am definitely a fashionista, closely following (and collecting) women’s fashions for many decades, which has now resulted in my becoming a Poshmark fanatic.

My Poshmark closet does indeed include selections from “Vintage,” “Chic,” and, of course, “Unique.” Makes a great tag-line, don’t you think? I sell items from my own closet, closets of many friends, boutiques, and vintage shops; therefore, I offer a variety of items in all sizes. It is my goal to have happy, repeat customers. I am @vacat on Poshmark.

So, I will be posting about a variety of things that I know and love. Of course, there will be fashion, but this won’t be your normal, run-of-the-mill fashion blog.  I intend to change up things a bit.  From time to time, I’ll talk about cats and dogs, as well as animal rescue – a subject near and dear to my heart.  I’ll also cover home, gardening, cooking, wildlife, and a variety of other topics.  I hope you will stop by often and enjoy.