Luxury, but Essential Skincare: Natura Bisse (Bubble Facial)

I was recently invited to attend a “bubble facial” at Neiman Marcus – Willowbend (Dallas). Quick, no-brainier here – of course I’ll be there. To be fair, this was my third bubble event and I was immediately on board!! Here’s why: this facial experience is like none other! In my many, many, oh so many decades, I have been privileged to travel quite a bit and had facials in some quite reputable spas worldwide. I know – tough job, but somebody has to do it so it might as well be ME! To date, nothing even compares to this event! Seriously!!

Some background info might be useful here. Natura Bisse is a Barcelona based company that is famous for it’s Diamond line of skincare. They have other lines for different skin needs, but again I’m old, so the Diamond line is mine, mine, mine! I’ll cover more on this company and their products in a separate blog (detailing the benefits I’ve seen with the products I use), but now back to this “better than sex” facial.

Natura Bisse BubbleFirst, yep that’s the famous bubble!! If you’ve seen this contraption at any Neiman Marcus, you may have thought it was an alien ship arriving from some far distant planet. Of course, Neiman’s is my mothership so that would be totally understandable to me. Once you step inside, you KNOW this is heaven sent!

Not an oxygen facial, but the inflated bubble keeps the oxygen at optimum levels by constantly cleansing the air. This alone immediately puts me into “spa mode.” Before entering, you are escorted, and yes I mean escorted, to a changing room of your very own where you undress and slip into their cotton mesh liner, a fresh terry cloth robe, and matching slippers. Then, you are escorted a few feet into the bubble. Relax on the table while your hair is being protected, pillows under knees, and the bubble re-inflates with clean, perfectly oxygenated air.

Now, the esthetician begins the one hour magical facial. First, cleansing with Diamond White Cleanser and toner. Now, the Extreme GlycoPeel to remove dead skin cells is gently swept onto the face and the back of hands. While this works its tingling magic for ten minutes, a neck and shoulder massage so well executed as to make my masseuse envious. Removal of product, and start layering serums with deep facial massages at each stage. (Your serum would be selected based on your skin’s needs.) The Inhibit Tensolift is the final serum and I highly recommend it for anyone over the age of twenty-five. Then, the deliciously smooth Diamond Extreme moisturizer is massaged into the face, followed by the Diamond Drops which act as a catalyst and lock in all the elixirs. Follow this with a hand and arm, then foot and calf massage.

I know it’s long, but bear with me I’m almost finished raving about this! The facial is complete and you are left to inhale, exhale the Diamond Mist for a few seconds, come back to reality for a few minutes, then the heavenly world bubble is unzipped and you know you must exit back into reality. At this point, I’m reluctant to leave but do so feeling refreshed, re-energized, and ready for the season’s new makeup colors.

If you ever get the opportunity to have this facial, by all means DO IT! I schedule my trips to Dallas around the bubble event – it’s that good!! Please keep in mind that the products used for me may not be the same for you, but I’m betting the experience will be. Also, this is my own experience and I was not endorsed to write this – although I would take free products, if they ever offered. Cost of the facial: free at Neiman Marcus with purchase of product expected, but not required; at the Natura Bisse Spa roughly $1200. Got my point now? Rush to the phone to find out if there’s a bubble event near you.