Fifty, Fashionable, & Fabulous! Really???

I keep reading that fifty is the new thirty. Honestly, I feel about thirty most days, but I can promise you fifty is definitely NOT thirty! In my late teenage years, I spent eighteen months under the tutelage of Miss Prentiss learning the social graces a young Southern lady is supposed to possess. Most of what I learned has helped me in both my private and professional life. 20140527-220843-79723721.jpg However, as I’m aging apparently more rapidly than I ever imagined, one of the things I learned is troubling me – “women over forty should dress their age.” What exactly does that even mean? Well, back then it meant matronly suits, low chunky heels, long sleeves, loose trousers paired only with loose, long blouses, and by all means no cleavage or even décolleté! Admittedly, I’ve seen women who could benefit from that piece of wisdom and some of them were in their twenties! When I was eighteen, I agreed with said notion. Now that I’m staring fifty-three smack in the face, I’m thinking that saying has passed into folklore without a shred of evidence!!

Shouldn’t fashion be more about what we like, how we feel in it, and how we look rather than a number? I think so! Am I destined to loose trousers and blouses just because of my age? God, I hope not! Some of the most fashionably dressed, and beautiful, women I’ve seen are over 40, 50, even – dare I say it, 60. Just to be clear, I am excluding Hollywood’s elite for we mere mortals don’t have their stylists, trainers, chefs, dietitians, plastic surgeons, and such.
So, what are we do to – us older ladies? Bow to the rule of “dressing our age” or dress as we want? My vote goes to dress for confidence! Find your own personal style and enjoy it. In the end, all that matters is that we had a good time while we were here, so ladies over forty – let’s unite and debunk the myth!

8 thoughts on “Fifty, Fashionable, & Fabulous! Really???

  1. What a very interesting article , I totally agree with this . I often see so many woman that just think that you should dress matronly , I’m so happy that I’m bit the only one as along with my mom who do not go by this myth , buy the way you look stunning and you certainly do not belong in a potato sak!

  2. I would have never guessed that you were anywhere near 50…you’re just too fabulous! Maybe that’s why the thought of wearing more matronly clothes doesn’t appeal to you…because you still got it, and “if you got it, flaunt it!” You’re right, numbers shouldn’t be what keep you from dressing a certain way (…unless it’s your jean size that literally keeps you at bay). I kid! I kid! Anyone who says otherwise is probably upset that they don’t feel confident enough to flaunt what they’ve got, so naturally you shouldn’t feel that you can either? Bologne! I’m sure maintaining that figure took some work/effort and thus, you deserve to reap the benefits! Have fun!

  3. How exciting and refreshing, a blog prepared to debunk the same old “age appropriate dressing”. Willing to step out and declare: it’s about the individual woman and what makes her feel confident and attractive; not about the calendar. Eagerly awaiting future articles.

  4. I so agree. “Age” is only a number. Fashion is what makes YOU feel good. All this dressing your age is a holdover from another generation. What is age? Some days it’s pj’s. Other’s it’s jeans or sexy. If it’s ok to wear bling & glitter shoes during the day, then we women of “age??” can wear what we want. Can’t wait to hear more of your thoughts.

  5. Since I totally agreed with your thoughts on age appropriate clothes, I’m curious about your thoughts on hair. You look beautiful with your haircut. I was always told that older women shouldn’t have long hair. (Again, let’s exclude Hollywood & models and discuss real people.) I have long hair, layered cut but length to my middle back. Now, I love it because of versatility. But, appropriate or not? Does long hair make an older woman look like she’s trying to be something she’s not???

    • That’s a great question and a topic for another blog – thank you. I feel that hair, like fashion, should be worn (can I say that?) as it best fits each woman. Go for confidence, for strength, for yourself!! One sure bet though is that darker hair will age you, so stick to lighter shades. God didn’t make us go grey by accident. Lighter hair reflects light making us look brighter whilst darker hair can dull your skin tone and bring out ugly dark circles.

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